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A Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2021 – Can i really make money?

Why I write this review for wealthy affiliate 2021

I’m writing this review not to convince you to subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate but since I have been dealing with affiliate marketing for 2 years.

I want to share with you the reason why Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to start with affiliate marketing.

In this article, I will present the reasons step by step why I decide to join Wealthy Affiliate after my 2 years journey in affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing in 2021?

With affiliate marketing you can still earn a good monthly income in 2021, there are many people in the world who work with affiliate marketing for many years.

With affiliate marketing, you can promote the products of different companies by building and designing a blog with reviews, making videos on youtube, managing ads campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Bing.

You can insert affiliate links from different products when you write in your articles.

With affiliate marketing, you can promote everything in which you can write an article, you can promote products that are related to your daily work.

It does not matter to be proficient in the technical part of the computer or coding to start affiliate marketing. It is enough to have a pc, internet, and an orientation platform that will help you with guides and training step by step, where to start, and how to build your blog.

You will turn into a source of income from your articles. This is the reason that I have to write this article, to explain how I start affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

What is a Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy affiliate is an educational platform that also has a community in which you can learn and interact as below-

  • You can build a website and buy a domain with the help of the platform step by step even if you do not have the skills to work in WordPress.They teach you everything.
  • Wealthy affiliate has 24/7 support for any problems or questions you may have regarding the technical part with indexing your pages on Google as well as the design part of your sites-blogs, They are in disposition 24/7 and come to you for help with any question or technical problem.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is one of the only platforms which has the most detailed training related to affiliate marketing.
  • With WA you will feel like you are in a family that helps each other by asking and answering in the community, making comments to each other sites, and about the quality of the blogs and technical solutions.
  • Wealthy Affiliate also offers affiliate links with which you can promote and earn more than you will pay for the monthly premium payment.
  • Wealthy affiliate is a platform that allows free registration and 7-day training. Which no platform allows without paying first.
  • Wealthy affiliates allow JAXXY Keyword research to help to find keywords about your content.

Is Wealthy Affiliate training outdated?

If you search at Google I am sure that you will find many Bloggers, who have started their careers with Wealthy Affiliate, they write articles that Wealthy Affiliate training is outdated.

DON’T BELIEVE they are just some ungrateful people who learned everything at wealthy affiliate and now they are posting on their blogs and write against in order to gain some views.

It is true that the basic wealthy affiliate training has been done for several years but this does not mean that is not effective; the training at WA is the most effective training, and I am sure that you will not find it in any other platform.

Who says is outdated is lying, I speak from experience, I had 2 years and I spent a lot of money getting affiliate marketing training everywhere, how do create a blog? Etc, in different training platforms.

No other platform like Wealthy Affiliate helped me create 3 blogs at once for only $ 19 cost Premium for the first month. I am not lying I speak with facts. Look Below  my 3 websites




my websites at wealthy affiliate

Everywhere you read that wealthy affiliate training is outdated, it’s a Big Scam against WA,I don’t understand why Google post it.

The basics trainings are the best regarding the affiliate marketing, as in affiliate marketing procedures nothing has changed I am sure that is very efficient.

How to work in Word Press is the same procedure as 5 years ago as today. How to work with keyword search with Jaxxy is the same procedure as before 5 years.

I want to appoint that wealthy affiliate training influenced me personally to learn many things, with wealthy affiliate I understood how to create a blog, what is a blog? How should I write in a Blog? What is Bing? How to work in WordPress? Etc etc

Is WA Legal Platform?

Anyone who says that Wealthy Affiliate is a pyramid scheme or a fraud is lying and here are some reasons why-

  • Wealthy does not promise you that you will make money fast as other platform makes, but they will teach you how to build an online business and an online business requires the right time and training which you will find only with  Wealthy Affiliate.
  • You can register for free and you will receive 10 pieces of training for 7 days in order to conceive and understand if you can continue affiliate marketing. No other platform allows this.
  • Wealthy affiliate is a platform that provides you training domains and hosting
  • It is not a scam because there have real products.
  • It is true that there is affiliate marketing to promote wealthy affiliates but this does not mean that it is a scam, it gives the opportunity to promote the company to people who want to become affiliate marketers and build an online business.
  • To join a wealthy affiliate you have to apply to their website by entering a username email and password, it does not require a credit card or debit as it is free for 7 days.

Why you should start affiliate marketing with WA?

All the tools needed to create an online business can be found only at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy affiliate training is updated with topicality where any leader can create training for the community. The platform also works as a social network. I would compare it to Facebook or Linkedin where every person posts create friends and interact in the community.

The website and all websites are hosted with SiteRubix, an excellent platform and with the support of your site 24/7.

A blog or site that had to be built for weeks or months at a wealthy affiliate can be built in 30 seconds. Watch the video below


Wealthy Affiliate
At  Wealthy Affiliate, you have the opportunity to use keyword search with Jaxxy for free.

Having support is very necessary to succeed as an online marketer because if you get stuck and have a problem there are many ways to ask.

If you have a technical problem with your site like speed, google console, etc. you will have support 24/7.

Some reasons why you should join Wealthy Affiliate?

*Because you can create a free account and if you do not feel ready to continue you have nothing to lose.
**Because there is the best training to start from 0 to affiliate marketing step by step.
***Because is a social community where marketers help each other.
****Because every old affiliate marketer offers training for new marketers.
*****Because online support is one of the best  24/7.

What do I personally like about WA?

The thing I like most about Wealthy Αffiliate is that you can learn everything step by step in a simplified and practical way.

Personally consider it better than a university in terms of Affiliate Marketing. As a member of a wealthy affiliate many times I need to ask the community, support, or the owner Kyle.

Every kind of project to start if you do not have good support you will fail, believe me before joining at wealthy affiliate I lost about 2 years and failed in many projects left half.

If you are in your first steps and are thinking of starting an online business blog or website then I strongly recommend you to Join Wealthy Affiliate, you can start and see the first 10 pieces of training for free by Joining Here



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Are you thinking of engaging in affiliate marketing? What do you think about promoting products with special links and what do you think for the best strategy to promote products?

I will be glad to hear your feedback in the comments below!


Notice. This article is my own conclusion for Wealthy Affiliate due to my experience in the Platform. This article contains affiliate links you can read my Full Disclaimer.

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