How to Create a Website or a Blog (With no Technical Knowledge)

How to Create a Website or a Blog (With no Technical Knowledge)

The decision of Starting a Blog change my Life. Today I will show you how to do the same! That is, how to create a website or a blog yourself even if you do not have the technical knowledge.

At that time I had stopped working and staying at home with the children until they grew up and went to school.

And even though I was enjoying my new role as a mom I wanted to give vent to my creativity and make something of my own from home. It didn’t take me long to decide that I would start my own blog and see where it would lead me…

At that time I was not willing to invest money to make it, because I saw it more as a way out and a hobby.

So I did not turn to a professional and started on my own even though I did not have technical knowledge!

Searching on Google, I found that I had hundreds of options which meant I also had hundreds of decisions to make. Many of the information I found was no longer valid – but I did not know it. The internet is changing so fast, but the information someone uploaded a year ago was still there.

It was difficult to know which information was correct and which option was best for me and for that I made several mistakes.

In today’s post and video, I will save you from the hassle and anxiety of the search. I will help you clarify what your options are and come up with the path that suits you best.

Specifically, I will cover the following issues:

  • Why start a site or blog (and it may seem unnecessary to discuss it here, but believe me it is the A and the Z so you can choose what your next step will be)
  • Which of the two do you need: Site or blog (and what is the difference)
  • How to create a site or blog yourself through Wealthy Affiliate. I will show you ways: with Siterubix and with WordPress.

How to Create a Website or a Blog (With no Technical Knowledge)


But let’s take one step back and see WHY.

My WHY then was to do something creative. There was a hidden hope in the back of my mind that it could one day become a profession, but since it was so new, I did not know if there was a chance I could do it.

But the issue was not why I started. The question is why do you want to have a blog or site?

The first reason is definitely obvious: Nowadays if you do not have an online presence, you are missing out on opportunities.

But beyond that, you need to dig a little deeper and ask yourself what exactly you are looking for in your online presence. Because it will make it much easier to choose what your next step will be.

For example:

If you are a professional, e.g. psychologist, photographer, gymnast, the reason you might want a blog or site is for people to find you when they are looking for a solution to their problem right?

But there are many types of online presences. For example, when you have a Facebook page or Instagram account, you have an online presence.

So here I want to say something very important:

If you are a professional, you can not rely on social media for your online presence. Why;

Because first Facebook or Instagram have their own rules and algorithms etc. And as you may know, they show your posts only to a very very small percentage of your followers. This percentage will become smaller and smaller over time. If you want to appear to your followers through social media you will have to pay for advertising.

But something that is also important and few realize is this:

Someone who is looking for a solution to his problem will not go to Instagram or Facebook to find the solution.

It will go to Google. Where your site or blog should come from.


What; Site or blog?

The second I would like to answer is what is the difference between a site and a blog. In my post What is a blog and what is its difference from a site, I have written in detail what are the differences. But today I would like to simplify it even more so that you immediately understand the difference and which of the two you need.

And I start with the following: All blogs are sites. But not all sites are blogs.

A blog is a form of site-website, in which the posts appear chronologically hierarchically as in a traditional calendar.

In the past, when we said blog, we meant exactly that: an online “diary”. This is no longer the case. Yes, of course, one can start a blog to record one’s life. But someone else to upload his articles to support his professional activity.

But not all blogs have the same format and sometimes it is difficult to understand if what you are visiting is a blog and if it is made on a blog platform or not. The first page of a blog can be a static page (ie it does not show the latest posts).

But the question is what do you need? Blog or site?

The answer is simple:

If you want to create a static site that consists of a certain number of pages with the basic information about you or your business and you do not aim to constantly upload new content (new articles that is) you need a site.

So create a site that has a certain number of pages.

You will create a page where you will mention your services for example. A second page with your CV. A third contact page, with information on how to contact you. You can put as many pages as you want, I gave random examples.

This site will be located in the domain of your choice so that someone can type it in their browser to get information about you. Or be able to find you on search engines.

Now if you want to create a site format that you are constantly enriching with new content, new posts, new articles about your work, if you want to have commented so that there is some kind of dialogue with the public, you need a blog.

That is, the blog is not static, it is dynamic because you are constantly adding new content.


Today I will show you how to create a site and blog through Wealthy Affiliate ManagedHost, with which I have joined forces to create this post.

Wealthy Affiliate is the company that can register our domain name, the URL that someone will type to find us online. Also, with  Wealthy Affiliate, you can buy your hosting, ie the space on the internet, where we host what we will build

Through Website builder through WordPress, which you will install in your own hosting package.

With Wealthy Affiliate in a short time, you can have your site online. But since today I will show you two ways, I suggest you prefer it only if you ask for something simple, fast and static. If you want a small site that consists of some basic pages.

This is a quick video that you will learn about creating a website at Wealthy Affiliate. It takes me literally not a lot of time to create alone with no technical knowledge a fully functional, WordPress website!

Starter Members = 2 Free Websites (on domain)

Premium Members = 50 Websites (25 free website and 25 on your OWN Domains)

Hope you enjoy the video. Easy website creation at its finest, not to mention all websites at Wealthy Affiliate is hosted on the most secure, reliable, and powerful managed WordPress hosting platform in the world.

You do not need any special technical knowledge for WordPress, with Wealthy Affiliate you can learn step by step how to create a website or blog.


Watch the video here:

how to create a website or a blog

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I hope today’s post helped you clarify which of the options available will take you to your next step online and inspired you to get started as soon as possible.

Good luck!


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