how to drive traffic for your website

How to Drive Traffic for Your Website ? Simple Guide for Beginner

How To Drive Your Website Traffic?

If we are talking about traditional stores, the traffic would translate into the air due to position, prestige, brand name, or clients. And in the good old days of the market, the air in a store or a cafe was huge and cost more than the whole store together.

The same thing happens on digital marketing where there are e-shops and blogs and of course the air here is the traffic which can come either from the brand name or from SEO or the advertising that one does on the internet in general.

I believe that to drive traffic to your site, you will surely understand the value of web traffic which is the blood and life-giving energy for your website.

The question is how do I increase traffic?

The answer is below.

First of all, Not all traffic is the same I imagine you will understand that web traffic, is internet traffic, traffic, or anything that comes in your site and leaves or stays is not of the same quality.

There is quality and targeted traffic and of course, there is the remaining percentage which is the bounce rate.  Your main concern is to find the traffic sources that have the highest conversion rate and scale them to the maximum to maximize your online profits.

What is Organic Traffic?

how to drive traffic for your website

Free traffic comes from three  sources:

  1. Google organic search results
  2. Backlinks to your site
  3. Direct visitors to your site or blog

Free organic traffic has many advantages. I’m not mean that Google Adwords is not good, it just has disadvantages compared to free traffic from the right professional SEO.

Some advantages of organic traffic are:

*Low cost because it is free no cost
*Effective targeting regarding your niche
*Passive traffic
*High conversions, visitors become customers
*A Subscriptions to your email list

However, many times organic traffic may not be enough to meet your revenue targets, then it would be good to supplement the traffic pie with more traffic sources.

What are these traffic sources for your website? Read below.

Get backlinks

How to rive traffic to my website

Another way to get more visitors and also to “like” your site in search engines is the backlinks, ie links to third web pages that lead to your site. Backlinks are one of the most important factors in terms of SEO today. In order for this strategy to succeed (important!)

The links to your website must be entered either on a relevant site (with the same niche or relevant, similar theme niche as yours) or on a site with high traffic, ie high prestige traffic e.g. Youtube,.

But in addition to SEO if you have links to third-party related sites then many internet users can click on those links and come to your site. So contact with same authors or website administrators like your theme-niche and find a way that these sites relevant as yours to create backlinks to your site,

Invite others to write on your site.

Another method to increase traffic to your site is to invite other bloggers or site owners to write on your site. This helps you offer even broader content to your readers while driving some new visitors to your site.

The blogger visitor will promote his content on his own website and also through social channels, which reach the visibility for your site and lead to good ranking in Search Engines like Google, Bing Yahoo.


 Email marketing strategy

Include relevant links in email marketing, you can work to drive more relevant users to your website if you put a subscribe below your posts and pages.
If you do not currently have an email marketing list, you will need to create one you can search as a start for a free plugin at WordPress plugin searcher or you can create a free account at Mailchimp.


Start  Facebook presence with a Fan or Group Page

How to Drive Traffic for Your Website ? Simple Guide for Beginner

Facebook is not the center of the world but also an online marketplace with ready customers. It is a great place to build your relationship with your Facebook visitors in order to bring them to your website to see your products or to leave their email and read an article of yours.

You should share from your website to Facebook on your profile, on your page as well as in Facebook groups in order to attract people to your site.

Make friends, like and share and participate in groups related to your niche subject.

You need also to be careful not to run out of Facebook and forget the real purpose of your Facebook engagement is to attract interested visitors to your website, not to Spam everyone.

Facebook Advertising Traffic

So you will need the help of Facebook ads. At a very low cost per click, which usually ranges between 3 and 10 minutes per click, depending on the market you will target, you will attract a new source of the traffic to your website which is highly targeted regarding your settings on Facebook Ads.

I am personally can say that I am not satisfied with the traffic attracted from Facebook but I can not say that I did not gain some new customers from it directly to my website. If you don’t have technical knowledge of how to run Facebook Ads you can find cheap facebook Ads Managers to Fiverr one of them is me that I run some Gigs on Fiverr you can contact me here Arber Dogani



You can write texts that contain the right keywords regarding your topics,  It will help your blog rank higher in Google and increase traffic.

Write on paper a list of some words that are relevant to your blog or business. For example, if you have a restaurant and you write about topics in food, the words could be “restaurant”, “Food” etc.

After that go to and type some words in the search field. Before you press enter, you will see some suggested searches and some People also ask for….. You will see the most common and it’s your keywords!

If you want some more ideas, you will see the bottom of the page, other searches, and suggested keywords.

Of course, in addition to this “amateur” way to find keywords, there are some tools that can help you in the right direction, such as Jaxxy Keyword Tool  

You can create a free account and you will have 30 monthly free searches that you can use as the picture below.

how to find keywords with Jaxxy and drive traffic

Create some videos on YouTube

There are a lot of streaming channels online, with YouTube being the biggest and most popular. Some other social media are Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many others that do not have a sufficient market share but have power in SEO, Google, and other search engines as Bing.

YouTube is the Best of social media and creating the right promo video for your site or blog will help you increase your traffic and rank in Search Engines.

It will also help you catch people who do not like reading. But you should also pay attention to some technical details especially in SEO:

Find a good attractive title. Enter a comprehensive, descriptive title for your new video. Using keywords and phrases will help searchers to find your video. Try to be as relevant as possible in naming your videos, with keywords that describe the purpose regarding your content of the video.

Add some relevant tags. Always try to enter ut to 10 tags for your video. Each tag can be a word or phrase, related to the video.

YouTube may seem inaccessible, but it is the second-largest search engine after Google.



Increasing the traffic to your blog requires a lot of time, but it is well worth the effort. When you get real visitors, you will be able to have a static source of traffic. All you need to do is keep posting interesting content and keep your content up to date to help your visitors to find a real solution regarding your topics.

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