How to Earn Money With Youtube – Helpful Tips 2021

How to Earn Money With Youtube – Helpful Tips 2021

How to Earn Money With Youtube? A few years ago it was very likely that you were going crazy if someone told you that in the future you will be able to make money online. But now we live in a time when some people only do this to live.

There are too many YouTubers who working by promoting themselves to make money. They do what they love to do and get money from their audience. It’s a form of entertainment like cinema TV.

Below are some helpful tips to help you to make money on YouTube:

Knowledge and interests:

 how to earn money with youtube

On the internet, you can find around the world a lot of peoples that have common interests with you. If you have a lot of knowledge and you are good at a certain topic, you can make tutorials to show others how they can practice and reach the same level. Make a video explaining what they need to do.

Target your Audience:

target your audience

It would be good to pay attention to your audience. The more you listen to your audience, the more they will follow you. It’s successful to do something you really enjoy, but when it comes to money you have to make several choices.

I don’t recommend you to follow everyone’s advice. But it would be good to think smart about what they tell you.

Youtube Live Streaming:

how to earn money with youtube

Live streaming is one of the most powerful tools for a channel. If you are patient and have good content to present, more and more people will start to follow you.

Do not be ashamed to speak simply to your audience and start a discussion or ask their opinion about the channel in your live streaming or in the comments. If you make them feel important they will continue to watch and they will subscribe to your channel.

Quality Of Your Content:


The most important asset for a youtube channel is to have enough quality content. In addition to the videos you have planned to upload, you can take the best snapshots from life and make a video with highlights. It’s easier and more enjoyable than uploading your live stream.


Be Unique on Youtube:

be unique

In your life, you can be another ordinary person. But in your channel, you have to give something unique to your followers. People choose the ones who stand out with reality.

You can find your own phrases and you can make your channel have a specific purpose in what you do.

Your Audience is Your Focus:

The more you talk to your audience, the more active you become, more views will be in your channel and good ranks in google.. It is good for a channel to look active and to be enjoyed by those who watch you.

Reply to as many messages as you can every single day. Don’t focus only on long content. You can also try to make small content and I assure you that you will get more likes and shares. The most important thing in content is the quality and not the duration, make your content provide solutions to your followers.

Do not be fooled:

The sad reality is that not everyone likes your channel and no one is the best. Some will definitely try to provoke you or to harm you. You can calmly discuss their negative opinion, maybe, in the end, they are right about something regarding your content and they don’t know how to express it.

If you see that your followers continue to challenge you, you can simply block some of them.

Because As Churchill says;

If we shoot every dog that comes in front of us with a stone we will not be able to arrive at our destination.


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