How to Optimize My SEO Content Free – Beginner Guide

We all know that to be indexed in google our content should be SEO Friendly. If you are a new blogger and do some internet research about SEO I assure you, that you will see results of hundreds of SEO Plugin companies and you will read that definitely need an SEO tool to optimize your content.

In this article, I will guide you and explain how you can optimize your content for free for a long time, without the need to pay anything to no one.

Key Factors of friendly SEO Content?

I am explaining to you some of the key factors you need to follow for your content to be SEO Friendly and Indexed in Google.

1.Do not duplicate other Contents-Google and other search engines hate this. Use your own unique Content Write with your own words.

2.Check if parts of your content are the same within other of your posts and change them.

3.If you use other images copied-Don’t forget to credit authors it will help you for better rankings.

4.Write your content by your mind and give solutions to the readers. Imagine that you are the reader.

5.Use Headlines H1-H2-H3′ It will help for user experience.

6.Insert references from other writers or websites as Wikipedia-Reddit-Quora etc.

7.Put internal and external links to your content.

8.Its important Content-Length up to 1000 words.

9.Meta description length doesn’t exceed 160 characters

10.Use rich media like images or videos and don’t forget to put ALT Attribution.

11.Sentences Length- not more than the recommended maximum of 25%.

12.Be careful with passive voice.

13.Use some transition words for your sentences.

14.Your Content Title needs to max 60 characters.

15.Use the Focus Keyphrase

16.Don’t forget to include SEO title and Metadata for Social Media.

17.Include a Featured Image for your Content.


Below I will explain step by step how to optimize your content with AISEO- All in one SEO Plugin For Free without the need to pay anything to no one.


How to Check My Content if is Unique?

To check if your content is unique you will need a plagiarism checker I personally use a plagiarism detector 

It is free to check the maximum of 1000words and the Pro version to check up to 25k Words. You can use it for free for a Long time. See below the steps on how to use it.

1.Go to www.  and paste your content max 1000words.

2.Click Check Plagiarism and wait for the report.

3.When the report finishes you will see if your content of max 1000 words is unique or plagiarised.

Note – you can use unlimited times with a max of 1000words and you don’t need to pay anything. In the future, you can go to the Pro version.

How to Give Credit for Reused Images to Authors?

Before posting your content it is advisable to give credit to the authors of the photos which are reposted to your content. If your photos are copied to other authors you can give them credit with the below method.

After you have uploaded your picture click on the picture to edit and write at caption the author credit or link your picture to the author website source. Don’t forget also to write image ALT that will help your content to be SEO Friendly, for this we will speak also detailed in this article,


How to use Headings H1-H2-H3 for SEO?

Content Headings are considered as one of the key factors that Google, Bing, and other Search Engines rank your content better and faster.

But what are Headings?

Referred to the great author in the article about what is heading at  , A heading is a short phrase describing what the succeeding section is all about. You can think of it as the title of that particular section. Short documents usually do not require the use of headings. You can learn more about headings to the great article – What are headings and why are they important?

If you are a beginner you can see a Simple Image on where to find and insert Headings in your Content as below

How to insert headings in my content


How to Ιnsert References To My Content?

None of us can know everything and every one of us refers somewhere. We all improve our knowledge by learning and referring to each other. Below I will show you how you can Insert references to your content for a Better SEO.

Insert references from other authors

if you look carefully at the picture above I have used a reference from Author Elite Editing about how to use Headings. If you link other authors to your content will be rich and SEO Friendly for better rankings. Be careful that your references from other authors need to be on similar topics. You cannot use references from other topics that are not similar to your topic of content, this can be considered Spam from Search Engines as Google Bing, etc.

Your references can also be considered as External links that are a very important factor for SEO.

Don’t forget to link the Author link to the referred content.

How do Insert Metadata and set up my Content for SEO?

The following will explain how to set up Metadata for SEO in a simple way without paying anyone with the All in One SEO- AISEO Plugin for a long time. If you are a beginner and you don’t know how to set an SEO Plugin you need to read as below before post your content.

Step 1 find and upload All In One SEO

If you don’t have to upload an SEO Plugin before then go to your WordPress-Dashboard-Plugins and click Add New Plugin, you can see the dashboard pic below and at the left, you can see plugins.

how to dowload a SEO Plugin

After you click the Add New Plugin you will see a search box at the right – write All in One SEO and after installing the Plugin that I have a note with red in the picture below it’s free.

All in One SEO plugin search and Install


Step 2 Setting your Content for Free with All In One SEO

After you upload the All in One SEO go to your new post and see at the end of the post the settings for your snippets and metadata for SEO Optimization.If you w no one for o rite your content as I explain to you above.

I assure you that you don’t need to pay none that sell bullshits like courses online for SEO etc, believe they are all scams and they want only to take your money.

You can start Optimizing your contents for SEO with All in One SEO for free AIO SEO alone step by step for free nothing is impossible.

The Best WordPress SEO Plugin and Toolkit

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Post Title Optimization Free

Post title seo optimiztion

Be sure your Post Title is not more than 60 characters.

Meta Description Free

meta description SEO

Put your meta description and be sure to not exceed 160 characters. Make sure to put your keyphrase and to be up to 80%.

Make the same process at Social media Metadata Description. Look at the pic below.

How to put metadata to Social

How to put metadata to Social


If you want to optimize your content for SEO I recommend you to use All in One SEO, it is free and you can use it for a long time. If you are a beginner All in One SEO is the best choice.

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