how to promote affiliate link on instagram

Ηow to Promote Affiliate Link on Instagram-With Linktree

On Instagram are not allowed to post affiliate link and this is one of the reasons why many affiliate marketers build blogs and promote blog links in bio and Instagram stories. If you don’t own a Blog don’t worry there is a way with Linktree to promote your affiliate links. In this article, I will show you step by step how to promote your affiliate links on Instagram with Linktree.

What is Linktree?

Linktree is what marketers call a ‘bio link tool’

What you can do with Linktree:

  • You can link one Link on Instagram – on your bio

  • With the LinkTree tool, you can Host lots of links in one place.

  • Link Tree is A free Bio-Link Tool.

  • You can also use your bio link tool to promote your content from your stories.

But what is a bio link?

Bio-Link is a part of your personal profile that has a link to a website, bio link allows curious visitors to click and to see more. On Instagram, you can add your bio link if you click on your profile, and then you can select ‘Edit Profile. See pic below

how to promote affiliate link on instagram

But how to create a Linktree profile and to add to Bio on Instagram I will introduce you below:

How to Create A Link Tree Profile for Affiliate Link?

Go to web and click 

how to promote affiliate link on instagram

Register for free with your email, and create a username and your personal password. Go to your email and confirm your account by clicking the confirmation link that Linktree will send you via email. And done your account on Linktree is ready.

How to add Affiliate Links to Linkree?

Logi into your Linktree account and you will see on the left a written LINKS” Click Links and you will go to Links Host as the picture below:

how to create my affiliate links in Linktree

If you see in my picture you will see the Add Links click on this and create your Link Sections and they will be shown as you can see in the right of the image. With Linktree you can host up to 20 affiliate links, you can choose a specific name about your affiliate links.

You can also monitor your traffic and your clicks for each of your Links separately. If you see at left up to my image above you can see -My Linktree- , this will no your linktree link because is mine 🙂 don’t confuse. Your Linktree will be –  Try to put as username your own Instagram public name.

Take your Link tree and submit your Bio as I explain to you above. Be sure to test your linktree periodically. You can log in to your Instagram profile as a Guest and you can click to see if Linktree redirects to your affiliate links, see pic below for an example of my Linktree profile.

how to promote affiliate link on instagram

You can use Also Linktree at:

You can use your Linktree anywhere. Instagram is not the only platform that you can use. You can also use your Link tree on:


  • A LinkedIn profile
  • Your Tinder or Bumble.
  • Twitter bio 
  • Your business card
  • Posters and advertising
  • Your email signature
  • As your TikTok, Snapchat, or Twitch bio link
  • As a link on your Whatsapp status

How to add Linktree on Instagram Stοries?

You can only add your Linktree or website link to Instagram after you get up to 10.000 followers. Instagram after you get 10K followers will allow you to add a Swipe Up to your stories. A Swipe Up is your link that redirects viewers to your content out of Instagram.

You can add some stickers or Gifs to your Instagram Story that say “link in bio” – this will let the viewer know that they can find your content by clicking on your profile.

I hope that with this Article I make things a little clearer. I always update my Blog to help peoples that are asking about affiliate programs, tips and tricks, hosting issues, affiliate networks, etc.

If you need any help, drop me a comment below and I will be very happy to help you. 🙂

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