How to Sell a Products Online -Guide For Beginners

How to Sell a Products Online -Guide For Beginners

How to Sell a Products Online?  The abolition of borders and the creation of a single market is one of the greatest benefits that man has gained from the use of the internet. Gone are the days when someone wanted to sell something, he relied exclusively on newspapers and announcements on PPC boards and columns.

Now, thanks to the World Wide Web, its audience can spread to every corner of the globe. All he has to do is pick up the ad with the service or product at his disposal: the rest will be taken over by the platform he has resorted to, which will promote its content to a global community of millions of users.

Regardless of what one has to sell (a material product or an intangible service), a number of sites and platforms are waiting for him to receive his ad, ensuring global visibility. The above of course is done with the unpaid (remember what percentage of the income each seller on eBay is supposed to give to the various intermediaries, right?) your; Find the words that ideally describe your treatise, frame them with the appropriate photos (content marketing, what did you think?) And… go shopping: your customers are waiting for you!

Until then, let’s take a look at your options on How to Sell Products Online.


Until then, let’s take a look at your options on How to Sell a Products Online.

The largest auction site in the world and at the same time the brand that has become synonymous with them for years, erasing the competition with its presence.

With 165+ million registered users and 30 releases, eBay has every possible and unlikely category, so you can sell and buy whatever you can think of. You will sell your products either through sales or auctions with payments made via PayPal.


For those of you who “hold your hands” and create cute accessories and decorations out of nowhere, there is Etsy, an online marketplace that focuses on handmade constructions. Although initially, its sellers were mainly amateurs and private individuals, in the process “professional” craftsmen appeared, greatly increasing the available options of users-customers.

Its prices are quite affordable and in combination with the necessary reading of the reviews, you can be sure that you will find a few opportunities!

Sell Freelance products with Fiverr

How to Sell a Products Online -Guide For Beginners

We mentioned Fiverr of Israeli origin a while ago, on the occasion of Pewdiepie’s make-up. So here you can register the services that you are able to offer online, from translation and design to code creation and copywriting.

So you go through the description, pictures, and prices and μέχρι wait until a potential customer knocks on your door! The name of the site came from the initial price of $ 5 set by the freelancers who were active in it, only now everyone has the opportunity to ask – much – more.



Gumtree will probably be completely unknown to you and not unjustly: since it is not active in our country, there is no particular reason to know it. Unlike other platforms, you see, this is based on the direct contact of seller and buyer, close as we say, without excluding the distance transaction – without guarantees, however.

Gumtree acts as a showcase, allowing you to view and search for services and items and do not laugh at all: thanks to this they are sold daily from tickets and videogames to houses and cars! Keep it in mind you good-bad…


how to sell online a products

Upwork is very similar to Fiverr, only it differs by managing to work… vice versa. Practically, in Upwork, the first word is given to the customers who upload their projects there.

Having determined the budget, they wait for the offers, of the professionals who are active in the platform and as soon as they find the one that convinces them the most, they assign the project to its creator and the work begins!

Once again we are talking about services that can be completed online, with particular emphasis on copywriting and design.


Last but not least, Facebook has taken important steps in terms of selling items through its pages and related groups.

It may not have erased the progress that some expected, but even so, what it has to show is not small: its users are now able to create their own ads by entering the content of their choice and relying on the “virality ”Of the posts of the network, to communicate them with friends, relatives, acquaintances, and strangers.

Here, too, the transaction takes place without the slightest involvement of Facebook.


Once you have completed the product and supplier selection process you will need to decide on stocks. Of course, this requires thorough and detailed research, in order to come up with the ideal product and start your sales dynamically on Amazon.

At this point, we should mention that drop shipping is not a viable option for someone just starting out with a new supplier. The only time you can have a successful relationship with suppliers in terms of drop shipping is after a long time and after a lucrative collaboration.

You will surely have read or heard about dropshipping and promises from dubious “professionals” who promise millions without having to spend a single euro.

We, therefore, recommend that you use Amazon as your sole sales channel. Of course, you do not need to send spam to your Facebook friends and any related forums.

You will spend a lot of time and effort and the results will be minimal. Ideally, do not even try to sell things to your friends on various social media, maybe even better do not even tell them what you are working on unless they ask you.

It’s relatively easy to set up your own “store” – just look at what your top sellers are doing and then try to improve on it. Most of the time, the text used in eBay and Amazon ads is provided free of charge by the manufacturer, so you can get a lot from other sellers as well as simple Google searches.

Do not forget that what will differentiate you is the preparation that you will do in the text of your product, in the description but also in the keywords that you will use.

If you want you can use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service for both 1 channel and multiple management (eg sending from different Warehouses / Locations). That is, you send your products to Amazon warehouses and its network undertakes the packaging and shipping to end customers, as well as the management of returns. Amazon’s FBA service can help you grow your business and reach more customers.

You can Join Here to Sell to Amazon

Other sites

But your options are not limited to the aforementioned social networks and platforms. There are several other sites at your disposal that will host your ads and allow you to find buyers for what you are selling or sellers for what you are looking for.

The old, good fleamarket may not exist for years (but there is an Emarket), you can read also the articles for Affiliate Programs as below –


 Are you thinking to work online? I will be glad to hear your views in the comments below!


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