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Top 8 Highest Paying Adult Affiliate Networks [Updated 2021]

Are you a publisher and looking for the best-paid adult affiliate networks for 2021?

****If yes then you have come to the right place.

In this post we will present you with the Top 8 best adult affiliate networks for 2021, these networks are detailed and proven by experience that they are the best for 2021.

The networks that we will present to you below, are the best-paid networks in terms of CPA.

It does not matter if you are a publisher or an advertiser, in this post you can get an orientation regarding the Top 8 adult networks with the highest-paid CPA for 2021.

The CPA adult networks in this article are among the most competent, serious, and best paid for 2021.

Below we are introducing you to the Best Adult Affiliate Networks which will help you to generate a lot of revenues and you will be able to target multiple devices such as desktop, iOS, and Android,

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you join to some companies that we recommend at no additional cost for you, for more detail read our Disclaimer.

Top 8 Adult Affiliate CPA Networks (Updated 2021)

In this list you will find the most optimal specifications regarding the best CPA Adult Networks.

You don’t need to lose your time with researching, as we have done it for you. Just follow and enjoy according to your needs the Adult Networks updated for 2021.


Pay Sale is a European company based in Lithuania. PaySale is a company that operates in the Adult Affiliate Network. This company offers to its publishers exclusive and scalable offers with monthly payments via Paxum, Webmoney, PayPal, etc. This network is very well known globally for the quality in terms of service to publishers to come to the aid of a personal manager.

PaySale Adult affiliate network

This network offers to date and over 300+ adult gaming affiliate campaigns, this network host over 1000+ adult,  affiliate campaigns. Some of their cooperation advertisers are Be2, flirchi, Be2, eDarling, etc.

👉  Features & Key Benefits that PaySale offer:

  • 100% Premium – Adult and dating Affiliate network.
  • Dedicated Support Team for very fast approval of affiliate publishers..
  • It allows real-time bidding for traffic for both publishers and advertisers.
  • Leading payouts and custom payouts for high performed publishers.
  • Payments are processed by PaxumPayoneer, Web money, PayPal, and Wire.
  • This Company have around 600+ M clicks monthly, with a strong performance network


My lead, com is a global affiliate network platform for earning with the best affiliate programs and offers. This company has received several positive reviews from public figures in the affiliate industry. My Lead has a wide range of adult affiliate offers that are very special and with high revenues.

The plans-based company has over 2007+ adult offers, which consist of hardcore adult, dating, and live cam — most of the campaigns provide an industry-leading payout, which beats other networks.

👉 MyLead features & benefits for Affiliates :

  • Minimum payouts 20$ via PaxumPayoneer, Web money, PayPal, and Wire.
  • Payments Frequently – Net-15, Daily
  • The Company Accepts Worldwide Geo traffic.
  • The Support with developed tracing system for real-time statics.
  • They offer a Massive database of exclusive campaigns with individual deals.
  • They continuously test 100% updated creatives for the best conversion rates.
  • Commission Types CPA, CPS, CPL, Content-Locker, File-Locker, Link-Locker, Revshare

Golden Goose

Golden Goose is a premium network with exclusives mobile campaigns. This Company has been ranked as one of the best adult mobile campaigns. If you generate some adult mobile traffic, then is for you. Golden goose agency is one of the top adult CPA networks that allows you to monetize traffic worldwide.

If you are a website owner, media buyer, ad network, or mobile app developer, you can affiliate with the golden goose to maximize tour affiliate earnings.

The company is very well structured and has its official support for all accounts on all premium affiliate marketing forums, you can have a direct connection to the operator, and personalized support online.

👉 Reasons to choose Golden Goose:

  • Top campaign recommendations to each partner.
  • Daily correct payouts without.
  • Personalized Support with direct connection.
  • 1000+offers from all over the world with high converting creatives, pre-landes, etc, etc
  • Very modern formats to monetize your ads entire with mobile traffic.


Adxxx has more than ten years in the advertising industry. It is one of the oldest adult affiliate and digital marketing companies worldwide.

It is reviewed worldwide as one of the best adult Ad networks in the world and has fulfilled several ad projects successfully. The reason that a hundred webmasters prefer Adxxx its quality of affiliate services.

Top 9 adult affiliate networks with highest CPA review 2021 ADXXX

ADXXX provide payouts on the weekly deadline, which is very helpful and provides the best technical support with direct live communication to every partner.


Adsterra is the other old advertising company that offers smart solutions for advertisers and publishers no matter when they are located. With around 10 billion impressions every month, up to 190 Geo locations, up to 20K finished campaigns and 28 000 +partners we think it is a good choice to join.

Top 9 Highest Paying Adult Affiliate Networks [Updated 2021]

👉 Some Reasons to choose Adsterra as a Publisher:

  • Publishers can monetize with the smart technology by Adsterra platform. It is so simple to work with their dashboard, you can place the code as Publisher in the simplest way.
  • It’s safe and secure as it uses a third-party malware detection system to thwart attackers that ensure you are in safe hands.
  • They offer one of the highest CPA rates with 100% rates. You can not find this rate.
  • You can choose a lot of different Different payment profiles as CPM, CPA, CPL, (PPI) etc,
  • It’s very friendly on the web and mobile their ads forms can allow you to make a ton of money from your site or app.
  • You can withdraw your Payments via bitcoin, wire transfer, Paxum, Payza, and WebMoney, etc.
  • They are offering High-converting ad formats as a social bar, web push, banners, native ads, etc.


AdCombo has changed the Cost Per Action Marketing industry. From, mainstream, Dating eCommerce, apps, etc. AdCombo has multiple offers on his board.

AdCombo top 8 adult affiliate networks 2021

Adcombo publisher affiliate platform offers real-time, tracking and complete integration with all popular platforms.

Ad combo top 8 affiliate network 2021

👉 Some Reasons why you should choose Adcombo for dating/Adult traffic

  • This Company has the highest number of exclusive processes with very high payouts for all marketers.
  • AdCombo has 1000+ offers for every Country along with native landing pages for specific geolocations.
  • Honest CPA platform with built-in tracking, domain parking, and very helpful postback integration with dedicated support.
  • Every affiliate that joins the platform has a dedicated affiliate manager that helps to achieve earnings by optimizing the platform for the best offers regarding your source of traffic.
  • Ad Combo is one of the privileged companies that pay twice a week via PayPal, VISA/MasterCard, Payoneer, ePayments, WebMoney, Paxum, etc.
  • Adcombo has over 2500+ active campaigns, and their network receives around 20 million clicks per day and over 60,000 leads daily.


This is a marketing company that has to be an all-rounder CPA Network that has 30+ highly converting Adult campaigns. Fire Ads campaigns start from adult, dating, e-commerce, crypto, etc, we strongly recommend to you especially if you are looking for very highly converting adult campaigns. With Fire Ads you will have highly converted campaigns. As the name says ads on Firee.

 FireAds has been recommended by the best adult affiliate marketers in the adult industry. Signup on FireAds and get your account approval in few minutes, and you can test your campaigns.


AdVendor is a leading marketing company in CPA affiliate network with 100+of special CPA offers. If you Join at publisher dashboard, you will find over 100+ exclusive adult CPA offers for worldwide traffic. Most of the offers are open to all affiliates but some may require exclusive access, by following your instructions from the dedicated manager.

The platform can help you to turn your adult traffic into money. They use the CPA model for revenue generation to the publishers as well as beneficial for clients.

👉 Ad vendor Features & Key Benefits:

  • A vast number of adult +18 XXX, dating campaigns.
  • Payments are currently supported by ePayments check or WebMoney.
  • Guaranteed high payout and custom payout after talking with AM
  • They offer API access for integrating offers in your affiliate or tracking software.

Working with an adult niche in 2021 is not as easy as others. Because needs lots of strategies, and a budget to test-experiment campaigns with ads companies.

Most adult marketers do not use free traffic sources to generate revenues. 

Some Important Tips for Adult Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is not an easy work but like any work nothing is impossible.

Following I will recommend you some tips which can help you to make more money smartly in the universe of adult affiliates.

  • No More Free Traffic: If you work in the adult sector, it is well understood that SEO or free traffic on Google or Bing are not for you. Adult are looking to  t be more profitable
  • You need  Always to use a Tracker: It is always better to use a third-party track for your campaign analytics. I recommend  Voluum
  • Traffic source from Video: Visual platforms like Instagram Facebook and youtube have a lot of traffic but they do not allow adult ads. You can use pre-landers and soft pages in order to monetize adult CPA campaigns
  • Adult gaming Source: After the Covid 19 pandemic and most people living at home, working from home they waste time using gaming, Fantasy, and adult games are very popular niches to promote nowadays.

I have written only some proven tips here, which will surely help a lot in dating/ adult and CPA campaigns. Just follow the simple rules step by step, tips to max your earnings. Stay away from paid bullshit guides & courses especially for Adult Niches.

What do you think about the Top 8  Adult Affiliate Networks that I have select? I will be glad to hear your feedback in the comments below!

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