What is a blog?Simple explain for beginners.2021

What is a blog?Simple explain for beginners.2021

What is a blog??

Often people when they go online look at many different articles and wonder how these different articles were created and if they ask and get the info they will find that these articles are created by different blogs.


But then the question arises What is a blog? Most know but there are those who do not know what a blog is why it serves how we can open it and many many other things.


So, today we will show you what a blog is and why it serves while for creating it we will create another article that will show you how to create an online blog.


The blog is a personal “Diary” online. In the blog, you can share your thoughts, feelings, photos with other people. The blog is a personal website. The blog can be used to advertise products, to chat, etc.


Many fashion figures, art use personal blogs. To make it more understandable blog is a website where we can post articles, photos, videos on a certain topic. Often the blog is used for various advertisements etc.


Here is an example :

if you are passionate about music, art, cuisine, technology, etc. You can create an online Blog to decide which one to like technology.


Find a name that has to do with technology, or if you are passionate about food you can create a blog and post photos, offers, articles, etc.


All of your content will reader by a second party such as the viewers or visitors of your blog. In this way, you will generate traffic and traffic lead to revenue.


So your blog is online just a click on the internet with the name(niche) of your blog and immediately appear blog.

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A blog is a place where we can work on it online and you can earn revenues from your traffic.

I hope to help you with this SHORT  article.




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