what is the best way to create free website?

What is the best way to make free website

What is the best way to make a free website?

What is the best way to create a website in 2021? You do not have to be a technician or a programmer. Follow the right method. Choose the right platforms. Use the right tools. You will be 100% fine.

I had zero knowledge of web development when I started my online business in 2020. I did not hire a web developer until 2021. And I did well.

Today – The world has innovative development tools and the best online publishing platforms for beginners.


When I started building the first websites I spent a lot of time and money with various hosting companies until someone in a review post someone, recommended to follow the Wealthy Affiliate platform. In the following tables, you will see some reviews of the Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Rankings


With a wealthy affiliate platform you will register for free and start training in order to understand how to be part of an online business, you will start the start-up plan as below


  1. Understanding the Primary Concepts of the Online World How Does It Work?

  1. Building a free website with a free domain and at the same time, you are learning online how to build it step by step with Word press. When I downloaded it I did not believe it but at the moment I am the owner of 3 online sites starting from 0 with Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. The Websites that I own and I create with  Wealthy Affiliate Community Learn Platform for one month are

www.affiliatebusinessblog.com  www.electricalengineeringblog.com   www.blogushqip.com


  1. After finishing the start-up training you will be able to understand, if you have the desire and passion to follow the online business or not, I am sure that after the training you start and realize how easy it is to work online as an affiliate by creating business websites with the best community platform in the world.

With a premium plan of 19$ in the first month and after 49$monthly you will have the benefits as below.

WealthyAffiliate premium benefits

Believe me, I am in the first month as a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate and I have created 3 affiliate websites, look below my Site Management Board.

How I create 3 benefit websites with WealthyAffiliate for 20days

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Hosting a website on other “package” platforms is usually more expensive and less flexible, but will easily create an online site or online store and you can start for free only with WA.

Some friendly hosting services to look at. Advice that there are different types of hosting available: shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, and cloud / VPS hosting.

If you are a starter, it is cheaper to start with Wealthy Affiliate Premium after you finish the free start-up.

Some key qualities to consider before choosing an online host are their user-friendliness, support, pricing, server speed, backup, and update levels.

So far I have signed one year before, I tested and reviewed more than 20 hosting companies. Consider using a store builder, such as Wealthy Affiliate if you plan to sell products directly from your website.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate with a free start-up account, which is the best alternative in the world, after that, you will understand that there is a wealthy community with up to 2milion website owners. With Wealthy Affiliate, you will have community support and help from the support 24/7 you can SignUp for free with a Start-Up-account Start-Up-account

http://what is the best way to create free website?

Leave me a reply below this post if you have any questions …..

4 thoughts on “What is the best way to make free website

  1. MIchel

    The main reason that I joined Wealthy Affiliate in the first place was for the hosting that they offered and the fact that it was so simple to set up. That was over five years ago and I am still a member and probably will be for life.

    I love the training the support you get from the community, as well as the site comments platform where you get to help other members. What is your favorite part of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform?

    1. Arber Dogani
      Arber Dogani says:

      my favorite part is the support and the great community that is very positive  ..  

  2. Jessie

    Thank you very much for this informative article!  I love how you brought up Wealth Affiliate as a site to help build a free website.  They do an excellent job I believe, in delivering high quality classes to help teach you how to build your business, slowly be effectively.  Just trust the process.  That’s the main thing.

    1. Arber Dogani
      Arber Dogani says:

      It is so true to trust the process…

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