What you need to know about Βloggers who make money?

What you need to know about Βloggers who make money?

Making money from your blog is like a dream come true.

Like all bloggers  I often say that I would not like to live in any other era than today: An era that enables anyone to get their ideas, their dream, their passion and to create a blog, a community, a business in from his own house.

What you need to know about Βloggers who make money?

Bloggers who make money through their blog, however, are not just lucky. Just as the student who succeeds in the school of his choice is not just lucky, the athlete who wins a gold medal, or the photographer who creates a successful and profitable business. Money bloggers do some things differently.

Here are some of them:

 Bloggers are not addressed to everyone

I started my first blog wanting to address everyone. I did not write only for moms, I did not write only for dads, I did not write only for prospective parents. I wanted them all mine! I wrote topics that “interested everyone” because I did not want to lose anyone! Every visit was valuable! (I’m not used to putting so many exclamations in a row, but this time I put them on purpose to show you how I felt).

But as in real life, you can not hang out with everyone, so you can not on the internet. Just as in a traditional business you can not reach everyone (and you do not want to), so you can not in blogging.

When I decided to stop having a “colorless generality” for a blog, it was like turning the switch. I started to attract the people I really wanted and who could really benefit from my posts.

Bloggers who make money through their blog, do not address everyone because they know that when you address everyone you do not address anyone.

They often say no

For those of us who are parents, one of the things we want to teach our children is to say no. To say no to bad company, to alcohol, to temptation. Yet we often find it difficult to say no.

As bloggers who want to make money through our blog, we can not say yes to everything. We can not say yes to all ideas and proposals, yes to all invitations, yes to all collaborations. We must set limits, be aware of our worth and learn to say no, without fear of “losing the opportunity”.

They invest money

In the beginning, my blog was for me a hobby and my creative way out and I was not willing to spend a single euro. I built my blog on the blogger platform (which had zero costs), I made everything myself and I found answers for everything on Google.

Many of these answers were wrong and unfortunately, the mistakes cost. Free is not always free.

But when I decided to take it seriously, I changed tactics. It never occurs to a doctor to build a doctor’s office without paying rent, or without obtaining the equipment he needs.

You can not do it all for free! Nobody likes to give money and fortunately in blogging the costs are minimal in the beginning, but at some point, you have to allocate some amount: For your operating costs, for the improvement of your site, and most importantly for your education.

Investing in yourself and your education will bring you the greatest profit.

When I start blogging I lose a lot of money to different Host Companies and Online Affiliate courses, one day I read in someone blog for Wealthy Affiliate Platform, when I saw the review of Wealthy Affiliate I saw that they had a free startup with 7 days free learning about How to construct a Blog in Different niches, and how to start working online step by step. I was surprised about free training and I decided to create an account and Join. 

Look Table of their Service, I actually own 3 blogging websites in 3 different niches.

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If you are a beginner and you want to start blogging I recommend Wealthy Affiliate with a free start-up account, is the best alternative in the world, after that, you will understand that there is a wealthy community with up to 2milion website owners. With Wealthy Affiliateyou will have community support and help from the support 24/7 you can SignUp for free with a Start-Up-account Start-Up-account



Bloggers invest time

The most valuable asset in my opinion is time. Because time is the only good that is really limited. But if you invest time in your blog in the beginning, you will get it back one day – as long as you do not give up. Let us also not forget that a remarkable post you are writing today will continue to receive visits forever.

The initial investment of your time is multiplied.

I will not lie… I have dedicated countless hours and nights to my blogs. But I like what I do so much that it does not look like a job.

Bloggers offer value

The number one goal we should have as bloggers is to provide value. Stop making noise – there is already enough noise in the vastness of the internet.

In online affiliate blogging seminars, at Wealthy Affiliate, they encourage  to constantly ask themselves this question:

-Does what I write to add value to the lives of others? Does it entertain them, inspire them, teach them?

The more value we offer in the lives of others, the more value it will return to our own lives. As my favorite Zig Ziglar used to say:

“You can get everything in your life, as long as you help a lot of other people get what they want in their own lives.”

 Bloggers have patience

Blogging will not make you rich overnight, not in a month, not in six months. It takes smart and systematic work, even if at first you do not see the fruits of your effort to pay off.

Have you heard the story of Chinese bamboo?

You plant a small seed of Chinese bamboo and for a whole year you water it and put fertilizer on it and nothing happens.

  • The second year you water it and put fertilizer on it and nothing happens.
  • In the third year, you water it and put fertilizer on it and nothing happens. How discouraging it is starting to become!
  • In the fourth year, you water it and put fertilizer on it and nothing happens.
  • In the fifth year, you continue to water it and fertilize it and then… it finally sprouts and grows TWENTY-SEVEN METERS in SIX WEEKS!

What you need to know about Βloggers who make money?

One could say that during the first four years there was no growth. And yet, there was growth… It just happened underground:

A huge root system was growing and spreading deep and wide below the earth’s surface, to finally be able to support the impressive and rapid growth.

Blogging is very similar to the process of growing Chinese bamboo. In the beginning, we do the right things and nothing seems to happen. As in the case of Chinese bamboo, growth occurs, but underground. Those of us who continue, persevere, and do not give up, will see results and will enjoy the rewards.

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Are you thinking of engaging in online blogging? Did you deal with it in the past and come back again to give it another try? What do you think about Blogging? I will be glad to hear your views in the comments below!

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