Where Can i Post my Affiliate Link Free?

Where Can i Post my Affiliate Link Free?

Working online in 2021 with affiliate programs is very easy as there are many ways to promote your affiliate link for free. With less patience and more work, you can benefit from very high commissions by promoting affiliate links.

In this article, we will help you to understand the ways which are free to promote your affiliate links.

Can I Promote Affiliate Link To Social Networks?

When we say can we promote affiliate links on social networks we do not mean to Spam everyone, but to promote affiliate links by helping readers with solutions and respecting the rules of each social platform. Following are some of the Social networks and ways we can promote affiliate links for free.

How to Promote Affiliate Link on Linkedin?

How to promote affiliate link in Linkedin

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet. A LinkedIn profile can help you connect with opportunities by showcasing your unique professional story through experience, skills, and education. In 2021  LinkedIn can be used to organize offline events, join groups, write articles, post photos, and videos, and also promote your affiliate links to your followers and public.

Linkedin is a social network that when you post your affiliate link Linkedin modifies affiliate links making it more beautiful visually. I do not recommend making spam on Linkedin because it’s not allowed.

Linkedin allows you to write an article or post with your recommendations for a certain company in which you can paste your affiliate links, you can see an example in one of my posts on how I have included my affiliate links in My Linkedin Profile. Click below to see the example and to understand how you can use Linkedin for affiliate promotion.

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How to Promote Affiliate Link on Facebook?

How to Drive Traffic for Your Website ? Simple Guide for Beginner

Facebook, unlike Linkedin, does not embellish your affiliate link when you post in comments, groups, or in your own post. Facebook allows you to post your affiliate link for free in the following ways:

  • Writing a and helping recommendation post in your profile about the topic and you can include your link at the end of the post. Don’t forget to make hashtags.
  • Writing comments in similar posts that others have posted in groups fan pages or profiles. Don’t spam try to help others with your recommendation?
  • You can create a Group or Fan page and you can write articles and reviews about different topics and companies that offering products or services.
  • You can also create a free hosting blog webpage at Siterubix for more information on the free domain click here <<=

If you want to see some examples of ways you can promote affiliate links on Facebook you can visit one of my Facebook Pages by clicking here

How to Promote Affiliate Link on Forums and Social Media Like QUORA?

In addition to social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn which have the highest percentage of popularity, I will also submit for you some similar forums and social networks where you can promote affiliate links successfully.

Using  answer and questions on Quora

What is Quora

Quora is an online community of users that providing answers to questions. A lot of people from around the world have profiles in Quora to ask questions from a community of people who answer them. Quora is a very popular website that continues to build in popularity every single day. It’s free you can create your account in the same way as in others Social Communities. You can Join Here

Some secrets about Quora:

Some secrets about quora

Quora has a difference regarding affiliate link, in Quora, you can not paste affiliate link as it is considered spam. The way which is allowed to promote your link in Quora is by creating a recommendation or useful information for the recipients.

Once you have formulated in your profile or in other Questions,  you can copy and paste in your article or answer by hiding your link as it is done on the website.

For this you will need or have a website that you can create in one of the most globally known affiliate networks WealthyAffiliate, in Wealthy Affiliate I have created 3 blogs, this platform offers free training to understand how to build a website or blog. After free training, you can decide if you can create a website or blog.

Wealthy affiliate Bootcampl affiliate training

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build your affiliate blog with Wealthy Affiliate

If you do not need to create a website to hide affiliate links you can hide affiliate links using various platforms which mask the links like https://masklink.boniatillo.com/ I do not recommend masking your links to these platforms as the result may not be profitable in terms of redirect.


Can I send my Affiliate Link with a Message?

Can i send my affiliate link with message?

I recommend you send your link to your friends on social networks, by email, or other communication platforms like WhatsApp, Viber, telegram, etc. I do not recommend sending your affiliate link to people you do not know as you will be considered spam.

If you routinely send affiliate link messages, especially to people you do not know, they can report to you on the relevant platforms.

In short, I advise you not to become an idiot who sends the same messages to many people. It assures you that it is a waste of time and results in tarnishing the image of the company that you are partner with, if someone reports your link to your partner company you will be Banned from affiliate networks. So it’s better to play Smart.

Some Notes about sending messages to social networks and communication platforms :

  • FaceBook broke your affiliate link if you send it within a message, even if you send it to your best friends. Don’t do it
  • Instagram doesn’t allow you to send messages with affiliate links they have anti-spam protection. You can hide only with Linktree and add Linktree at Bio. Read my article for More – Ηow to Promote Affiliate Link on Instagram-With Linktree
  • Linkedin allows ye but ou to send affiliate link within a message but if you make in the routine they will ban your account.
  • Email platforms as Google Gmail others allow you to send messages but if someone reports you you will be Ban. The best way to send email your affiliate link is by creating a subscription form and you can send it only to your subscriber.

And something last :

When you post your affiliate link in groups, posts, messages, I recommend you to be helpful with your content to the readers. Don’t try to be a seller – you are Affiliated to Help others to choose the best option regarding your own experience with the topic.

Let me know if you have any questions about my article if you find it helpful or you want to recommend me to add something about the topic don’t hesitate to comment below.

Thanks 🙂


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