WordPress – You Make Your Own Website

WordPress – You Make Your Own Website

WordPress – You Make Your Own Website

WordPress is a modern content management system (Content Management Systems, CMS) that is an amazing tool to build a website or blog.

From our business to a simple blog with our thoughts, WordPress is the most widely used CMS trusted by the largest Websites in the world and of course just random could not be that.

WordPress is available for free and is free open-source software. It has Some language and the process to set up a CMS WordPress site is easy, even for beginners.

Now, in order to run WordPress we need some things ready:


1.A purchased domain name (Namecheap)


2.Buy hosting space,We recommend:

Blue host start


But if you need domain+host+and beginner course for Digital Marketing and how to work online I  strongly recommend WealthyAffiliate you have all of this in one platform.I also start from Wealthy Affiliate.


Official page WealthyAffiliate


But it is best to start working WordPress locally on your computer (before you buy the above that I suggest) and at this point, I refer you to see a nice free training on how you can start working online using WordPress.

You can see the course  here:

Build your website for 30minutes

Version: 5.4.2
Size: 8.1 MB
Operating system: Windows All / Linux / Mac
Manufacturer: wordpress.org
Source: wordpress.org
Author of the article: Arber

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